DIY Snowflake Decorations

It’s Christmas time in the city. Which means several things: the hustle and bustle is ramped up with people trying to fit in holiday shopping and extra-special parties (on top of the usual hustle), the chances of snow are greatly increased (yay!), and there’s the fantastic smell of fresh pine everywhere thanks to the pop-up sidewalk Christmas tree “stores.” It’s my favorite city smell (followed closely by freshly baked bagels!) While I’d love to take one of those bad boys home, when you share a one-bedroom apartment with your boyfriend and kitty, the closest thing to a tree I’m going to be smelling is a Meyer’s Iowa Pine scented candle :)

To be honest, decorating for Christmas has never been my thing. It’s a lot of work to leave up for a few short weeks (I know, I’m sounding bah-humbugish!) and if I were to own a home with some space, I’m pretty sure it’d be the one on the block with the outdoor lights still up at the Fourth of July. And since most of the time we’re traveling to family for Christmas Day, I tend to just enjoy their decorations instead (see, I’m not a total Scrooge McDuck!)

But this year, I wanted to decorate just a little bit. Plus, I needed a worthy subject for our annual Christmas card that Steve suggested would be cool if it were inspired by our trip to Iceland. And thus began my snowflake-making project!


Step One: Round up some paper, scissors, thread and a pencil. I pulled my compass out for circle-making, but didn’t end up using it. I had also gotten some shimmery 12×12 scrapbooking paper, but unless you find thin sheets, they really don’t work all that well with all of the folds you have to make. In the end, good ‘ole white office paper worked best for me! If you’d like your flakes to be a little more colorful, origami paper would make some beautiful ones!


Step Two: Start with a square sheet of paper. To make a square out of 8.5×11 paper, fold a corner up to form a triangle, as shown, and slice off the extra strip of paper. If you’re already starting with a square, fold it into a triangle.


Step Three: Fold your triangle in half. Fold this triangle into thirds. The more careful your folds, the better your snowflake will come out symmetrical.


Step Four: To make a six-point triangle, cut off the “tails” of the tri-fold at an angle. For a rounder-looking snowflake, simply cut straight across.


Step Five: Cut shapes into the triangle to “design” your snowflake. Keep in mind, cutting the tip off will create a hole in the middle of the flake.


Step Six: Carefully unfold the paper and reveal your designs. I tucked mine under some heavy books for about an hour to flatten them out a bit. Repeat again and again!


Step Seven: Throw perfection out the window! I tried to get “fancy” and trace a design onto the paper for a more ornate ‘flake to not much success. It’s best to just cut at will and be surprised when you unfold the paper :)


Bosley sits watch as I create my Christmas card window-scape! I thought he’d bat at them, but he was more interested in the feathers :)


The beautiful thing about decorating with snowflakes, they can stay up all winter and I don’t have to take them down after Christmas!


I couldn’t have done this without a little online help and tutorials! Thank you Martha Stewart! Find her tutorial here. And if you don’t have time to make a paper snowflake, you can always design one online here!


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