Giving thanks…

Another holiday season is upon us, once more kicked off by my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving — to me the best for it’s simple nature of eating, drinking, and general merriment. Spending it at my parents’ house in the northern woods of Pennsylvania again this year was no exception. Except maybe for one, which also just decreases the likelihood that another holiday could possibly dethrone Thanksgiving. My nine-year-old niece and seven-year-old nephew now play Clue. It ensures this long-lasting Cyr family tradition will continue on, even if it does mean I have to give up my post as Miss Scarlet to Gwen and become the auntie who plays Miss Peacock. For this, I am thankful…


There have been many late nights spent around this board, being able to play with the “new” generation makes me so happy!


Four-year-old Izzy is on her way to being a Clue player as well ;)


Ok, I know he can’t play. And most of the time he hides from us in the basement. But I just had to include the feline member of the family. Dusty is an eight pound cat with about ten pounds of fur…



I am thankful for the health and happiness of my family, of Steve’s family and for all of the good things that have come our way this year. I wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season…


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