Vendor Love: Casey’s Rubber Stamps

It’s one of those store fronts that catches your eye as you’re going by, immediately drawing you in for a closer look. Maybe it’s the small table sitting out front with a basket of rubber stamps and a pad of ink, begging to be dipped into. Or the large window that looks in on a store filled floor to ceiling with shelves of wooden blocks, each one stamped with a unique characterture. No matter, it’s hard to resist stepping down into the small world of Casey’s Rubber Stamps.


I love the simplicity of their awning, it totally suits the East Village artsy vibe of the place…



Amongst the stamps of hearts and bicycles, birds and other wildlife creatures are any number of random images – skeleton figures connected at the ribs, Sherlock Holmes puffing a pipe. And if they don’t have what you want, custom orders are as simple as bringing in (or emailing) your black and white design. Which is what brought me to Casey’s in the first place, thanks to a fantastic recommendation from Foxglove Floral Design Studio!



I had two custom stamps made to adorn some mini Moleskine notebooks I wanted to use with my marketing and “welcome” packages. It took me quite some time to settle on the proper quote, but I finally decided on “Live the story you want to tell…” It suits my storyteller approach to photography perfectly and I love it’s positive message!



The turnaround time was so fast! I dropped off my designs on Friday afternoon and they were ready on Monday for pickup! Love love love how the black of the ink looks against the kraft paper of the notebook…



Added the “Cyrience” touch to the back and the books are good to go! I had to restrain myself from stamping everything in sight :)


All tied up with a beautiful bordeaux-colored ribbon :)



For anyone looking to add a personal touch to anything, I can not say enough good things about Casey’s Rubber Stamps! From couples looking to incorporate a unique piece of themselves to their wedding paper goods (or maybe even just a personalized return address stamp to make thank you cards so much easier!) to scrapbookers and small businesses, there is something for everyone here :)

Casey’s Rubber Stamps
322 East 11th Street (Between First & Second Avenues), New York, NY 10003


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