The Modern Fairytale: Video Edition…

Yes, video!!! The story of our “bride and groom” canvasing the city towards each other and their City Hall elopement just begged for it! I can not thank our videographer, Augusto Menenez, enough for taking the time to come to Manhattan, especially once we had to postpone the shoot a few days due to the weather. Editing done by yours truly :) It was so much fun to play around with a different style of editing, combining my own stills in with the footage. Music is a song called “After Today” by Nikki Forova. I love how it blends perfectly with the pace of the video, it still gives me goosebumps to watch it :)

Without further ado, I present the world-premiere of “The Modern Fairytale: An Inspired Elopement at City Hall.” Enjoy :)

Vimeo Preview


Be sure to check out the full post (here) as well as the feature from Burnett’s Boards earlier this month (here) :)


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