Vendor Love: Narwhal Yacht Charters, Inc.

The opportunity to be on a sailboat was by far the most unique element to the nautical shoot featured earlier this week (read it here!). Finding Narwhal Yacht Charters, Inc. came by chance after reaching out to the Liberty State Park marina for boat owners who might be interested in our project. From his first email, Narwhal’s owner and captain, Eric Puleio, was super helpful and I can not thank him enough for making this idea a reality!

I was recently afforded the chance to spend part of a gorgeous afternoon onboard the Genesis again, to chat with Eric for this segment of vendor love and get some more shots of this beauty in some sunshine for a change ;)

Captain Eric…


Talk about a backyard view :) I just had to walk out to the end of the marina to see the Manhattan skyline across the Hudson!


The Genesis…Back when Eric started looking to buy a sailboat (he officially launched Narwhal Yacht Charters in May of 2012), it took him about 3 months of research to realize he wanted a Tayana 37. According to Eric it is “perhaps the most ocean traveling production boat ever built.” It took another three months of going up and down the east coast to find the one he eventually purchased. “There’s absolutely nothing I would change about her; I plan on sailing this sailboat for the rest of my life,” he says. She’s definitely beautiful…




Designed by Bob Perry and originally introduced to the sailing community in 1975, about 589 of the Tayana 37 have been made, most of them still sailing. It has a traditional double-ender hull and teak accents that help make her look classic and beautiful at the same time! I really love the carved details in the wood here…


Eric fully lives the dream, sailing chartered cruises around the waters of Manhattan and residing on the Genesis year-round. His inspiration? “My parents lived on a sailboat for the first 6 years of their marriage and I always thought that was so cool and unique. Hearing about their lifestyle and adventures while I was growing up inspired me to do the same,” Eric replies.

“My parents named their boat the Genesis because it was the beginning of their love together. I’ve named my boat after my parents and have the original placards my dad designed 40 years ago bolted to the post and starboard sides of my boat,” he continues. They’re gorgeous and fit so well on this “new” Genesis…




When I asked about his most memorable sailing trip, it’s one that didn’t even take place on his boat. “It was on the original Genesis, a Fisher 30, and was the last big trip my family took together. I acutely remember sailing in a beautiful breeze with full sails on open ocean as we headed to Block Island. It was the perfect sail.”

His father would still be the one person he’d love to take out on the boat. Sadly, he passed away when Eric was 18, “He’s the man who instilled the passion of sailing in me. I do feel like he’s with me every time the wind fills my sails though…”






Captain Eric sails around the New York harbor, with trips typically lasting about four hours,  and include sailing by the Statue of Liberty and underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. “I never get bored of the route,” he says.

He also wouldn’t mind cruising on a longer trip, in fact it’s the main reason he bought the Tayana 37. “It’s one of the most proven ocean going vessels ever built, is so I can sail far and wide. In about a year from now, I hope to sail to England, down the African coast, across the equator to the Caribbean, and then back up to NY,” Eric says. Um, yea. I can not even begin to say how jealous I am at the prospect of this trip!


Eric is happy to have lead sailing trips that include engagement photo sessions and even a few proposals! Speaking as a photographer, a sunset cruise on the water with the Statue of Liberty as your backdrop is just a beautiful way to capture your love ;)



“It’s not like I change the world, but I bring people happiness,” Eric says. I’d say it’s a sure sign he’s doing what he loves and loves what he is doing. I am so happy I’ve been able to get to know him and honored to feature him here. For more information on Narwhal Yacht Charters, Inc., please visit


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