Vendor Love: Better Ever After

She loves when people get excited about an activity, one of those eureka moments when they exclaim they never knew you could do that. Like an in-home cooking class where you learn to cook with your own supplies and kitchen aids. Or a bike tour of Brooklyn, a wine tasting, a couples massage…

This is all what makes up Better Ever After, a unique, experience-based wedding gift registry from the creative mind of Olivia Chin. The traditional couple is changing. They’re no longer fresh out of college, getting engaged and in need of items to build a home. “People don’t really need stuff anymore,” Chin says. They’re already established, maybe even living with their finance for some time. Better Ever After is all about the experience. It’s about building memories and having a really great date night.”

Any couple knows all too well how easy it is to fall into the couch-movie-takeout routine on a Friday night. “But you’re newlyweds. You want to keep that spark alive.” It brings new meaning to the phrase “the couple that plays together, stays together.”

Better Ever After isn’t meant to replace the traditional registries. After all, Grandma might not be too enthusiastic to give a gift of tandem skydiving. “But so many couples register for the few things they need, and then just throw things onto the list because they have to,” Chin says. “We fall between the registry and the cash gift, because people don’t necessarily want to write a check either.”

What better gift to give than laughter, togetherness, and memories? Plus, if couples capture the experience with a picture, just think of what a really great addition this will to your thank you card! And maybe, just maybe you’ll get to use the new blender Aunt Linda gave you at the same time :)

Cheese samples for a tasting.

Cheese samples for a tasting.


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