Vendor Love: Sabrina Gilbert NYC

Since meeting Sabrina just a short time ago, I have seen her transform models into Greek goddesses and elegant brides with the greatest of ease. Her skills with a makeup brush are phenomenal!

reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-7


reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-72


reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-73

But what about on someone without the perfect palette? Let’s face if, if you saw my post here about skin retouching (and using myself as a guinea pig), then you know I am plagued with less-then-model-worthy acne scars and large pores.

When a group of my photographer friends and I got together to play around with some studio lighting and take some shots of each other, I immediately asked Sabrina for hair & makeup. On an everyday basis (and even for most special occasions), I’m lucky to pull off eyeliner and mascara, so I asked her to keep it natural-looking and fresh. She did an amazing job in lightening-fast speed thanks to my tardiness. D*mn you Queensboro Bridge Cash Lane!!!!

The best part of her work?! Her airbrushing techniques are so flawless, these images have absolutely zero retouching done on my end. That’s the sign of a truly gifted makeup artist right there :)

reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-

Ms. Gilbert even sent me with a touch-up kit and everything…that’s me reapplying lipgloss before my debut thanks to Latina Vega Photography. And I must give props to Jasmin Tejada-Mujica, of Jasmin TM – Photography & Design for the shot of me on the right.

We dragged this couch over from the other side of the studio, it’s the perfect prop!

reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-2

photo by Latina Vega

Joking around during our group shots. Note to self: must buy wireless remote trigger!

reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-3


Playing with Pocket Wizards = Flashbulb fun :)


reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-6

photos by Latina Vega

Sigh…you just can’t take the rocker out of the girl…

reSTARt Shoot 2013.05.17-4

photo by Latina Vega

Special thanks to Starr Street Studios for their hospitality and use of space! Hands-down my favorite, go-to studio. It’s totally worth the trek to Brooklyn :)

For more on Sabrina, be sure to check her out here. And definitely watch this amazing video care of Brandon Sapp Photo!


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