Who says you can’t do it all? Not Marcus Mumford…

“Jack of all trades, master of none”

This is a phrase I’ve heard over and over again as I’ve “grown up.” In high school, we were told universities liked to see students with a diverse list of activities. So I played soccer, ran track, got involved on the yearbook staff and with the Key Club. Oh yeah, and worked a part-time job at Kmart. In college, I cut back a little. While juggling a double major in Journalism and Graphic Design, I only worked for the school newspaper. Only. I covered a variety of events, took my own pictures and on Wednesday nights stayed up all night designing the pages. To earn a little extra money, I helped sell and design advertisements for local businesses. Diversification continued…


Mumford & Sons performing at the 2013 Grammy awards.

Somewhere between the time I graduated and now, specializing has become the key thing. Clients want you to only focus on one aspect of the job. When I started my  business, I had mentors tell me to just pick one area of photography and focus on it. It’s impossible to do it all. Has anyone told Marcus Mumford this?! It’s one thing to sing and play guitar. Lots of musicians have this ability. It’s another to sing and play guitar at the speed he performs. But the kicker, literally…When Mumford & Sons perform, they don’t use a drummer. Mr. Mumford himself pounds out the drum and tambourine…with his feet!  While singing. And strumming a guitar at lightening speeds. I’m guessing rubbing his belly and patting his head at the same time has never been an issue…

Like Mr. Mumford and his love of musical instruments, I love all aspects of photography. Portraits, still life, events, architecture, street shots, candids. How was I supposed to pick just one?! So I decided to focus on weddings. It’s the one area of photography that has it all – people, fashion, food, candids, parties, even live music shots of bands! And yet, it pleases the industry-insiders that I’m only technically focusing on one speciality. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision! Marcus Mumford may be a little disappointed though. Maybe I should try shooting all of my engagement session while juggling a soccer ball…

This evening, I’ll be participating in my first bridal show at Kanibal Home in Jersey City, NJ. I’m so excited to meet some lovely ladies, sip a cocktail or two, and be surrounded by the talents of Karma Flowers and Trunk Vintage Rentals, Nightingale Projects, and National Estate Jewelers. And of course, Kristen of Kanibal Home! If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by and meet everyone. They are women after my own heart…and have taken a page right out of Marcus Mumford’s multi-talented playbook!


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