Marissa + Danielle…The Wedding!!! (NYC City Hall)

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to capture these lovely ladies in and around Washington Square Park for their (very cold) engagement session (check it out here)! Shortly after, they contacted me about shooting their nuptials at City Hall on Valentine’s Day. And would I be their witness? I was speechless. What an honor to not only capture the moment they were announced wife and wife, but forever be a mark on their documentation. I responded yes within minutes! As I waited for them Thursday morning, chatting with another photographer, we were impressed with the number of couples entering City Hall to start their wedded bliss on what some consider to be the most romantic day of the year. The fact that a lot of them were same-sex couples was not lost on me. I am so happy to live in a state that welcomes such freedoms!

Without further ado…I present the marriage of Marissa and Danielle. I couldn’t be happier for them!

Bouquets by 2h Flowers

 Higgins Wedding-

Higgins Wedding-2

Higgins Wedding-3

I had thoughts of turning this one black and white, but I kind of like the contrast of the green couch that screams City Hall!

Higgins Wedding-4

Higgins Wedding-5

Higgins Wedding-6

Higgins Wedding-7

Beautiful Tahitian Roses, couldn’t get enough of them!

Higgins Wedding-8

I knew there was the potential for some downtime while we waited for their number to be called, so I brought along some sugary treats! I mean, Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without some candy hearts :)

Higgins Wedding-9

Higgins Wedding-10

Higgins Wedding-11

Higgins Wedding-12

After a little bit of a wait, their number was called for the chapel. They were nervous, but so excited!

Higgins Wedding-13

Higgins Wedding-14

Moments after their names are called…Marissa yelped with excitement and dashed into the room before the last couple had even exited! So cute :)

Higgins Wedding-15

Higgins Wedding-16

Higgins Wedding-17

Higgins Wedding-18

Higgins Wedding-19

Higgins Wedding-20

Higgins Wedding-21

Congratulations ladies!!!

Higgins Wedding-22

Higgins Wedding-23

Higgins Wedding-24

Higgins Wedding-25

Higgins Wedding-26

Higgins Wedding-27

Higgins Wedding-28

Higgins Wedding-29

Higgins Wedding-30

Higgins Wedding-31

Higgins Wedding-32

Before heading upstate to Cold Spring for the weekend, we had a quick photo session around the courthouse. I couldn’t resist the lighting!

Higgins Wedding-33

Higgins Wedding-34

Higgins Wedding-35


Higgins Wedding-37

I think this next one is just my favorite! A quiet moment of love…

Higgins Wedding-38

Higgins Wedding-39

I believe Danielle wanted a bouquet sword fight while Marissa was stopping to literally smell the roses…yes folks, I am that cheesy!

Higgins Wedding-40

Higgins Wedding-41

I wish them all the best on their journey through life and I hope someday to cross paths again (I mean, I do capture maternity and newborns!)

5 thoughts on “Marissa + Danielle…The Wedding!!! (NYC City Hall)

  1. Love how you captured their personalities on their day. Far cry from the girl who used to be nervous about shooting weddings!

  2. These girls are glowing. You can see the love in their eyes. Lovely couple, beautiful wedding. Congratulations.

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