California Roadtrip…A look back in honor of a birthday…

In an age where Facebook reminds you of friends’ birthdays, it was a treat to wake up this morning and realize it’s your friend’s birthday because your own iPhone calendar says so…I know I know…what’s the difference? After all, technology is technology…I don’t know, I guess it’s nice to know that there is someone out there who has held out even longer than I did to join the social networking whirlwind!

Mike lives in California…San Louis Obispo to be exact. So when I sent him a birthday message, wishing him a great day, I knew without a doubt he would. SLO is the most amazing place. Beaches on one side, mountains on the other. Smack dab in the middle of the state, just after the gorgeous Big Sur section, the drive that should have taken me three hours and in fact, took the whole day. I literally stopped every 7 minutes to admire the views!

I had to take some time to look back through the images from this time in my life. It was the fall of 2007. I had been through a traumatic breakup. I was choosing paths I wouldn’t normally have chosen as a form of rebellion. Anything to propel myself forward out of the dark hole I could feel myself slipping into. I’m pretty sure everyone has had this moment in their life. If not, well, I hear a mid-life crisis will do wonders :)

I chose to move forward on “our” dream California trip alone…I cut costs by staying in hostels and buying non-perishable snacks to keep in the car while I drove (this book was soooo helpful). One thing I splurged on? The convertible…just don’t forget a hat or your head will be sunburned…

Here’s a quick collection from my trip, starting with SLO…


Every Thursday in the summer they have a nighttime Farmer’s Market. I was lucky enough to pull in that day. I think I ate a whole bushel of strawberries for dinner that night…



Yes, that’s me six years ago…don’t judge! I was a hippie trying to avoid a sunburn!


The Big Sur…can’t wait to see this place again someday!


On this trip, I picked up the most fabulous silver hoops in Monterey. They are still my favorite accessory! I guess not all of my choices then were rebellious :)







Happy birthday Mike! I will always be very thankful for this trip and the ability to have met you…


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