Weekends + Snow = Adult Happiness (or a child’s nightmare)…

When I was a kid, we watched the evening news at dinner. We tuned out most of the local affairs, instead discussing our days and getting asked questions about school and homework. Until the weather came on. Carl Proper in front of that weather map could command our attention in seconds. Most of the time, I still tuned out. Unless it was winter. And the “s” word was mentioned. And it was a weekday. There was nothing worse than hearing it was going to snow 3-6 inches on the weekend!!! Yes, we’d still be able to go outside and play in it. But it was soooo much more fun when it was a weekday and we got a blessed snow day (I went to Catholic school, trust me I prayed for and thanked each and every snow flake that fell! I can also see Sister Casmir shaking her crooked finger at me now for praying for such things…)

Nowadays, I’d still take a snow day in the middle of the week. But it makes getting to work tricky, very rarely does the office shut down for such occurrences. And I never get to play in it. As for snow on the weekend? Yes please!!! I know some people would prefer it never snow. And I guess I should mention I live in Manhattan, a land where I do not have to drive and/or shovel. I still get to be a kid and run out on the sidewalk to catch snowflakes on my tongue, go for a stroll in the park, and head underground to get anywhere I need to be (another reason, as a child, I hated snow on the weekends…too many missed sleepovers and parties!) The one thing I do miss? Coming in from a day of sledding and throwing the clumps of snow that had attached to my boots on the wood-burning stove in the basement, then watching the chunks sizzle into a pool of water and steam.

With the cold that has settled in over the Northeast, and the weathermen tempting us with the possibility of snow this weekend (which apparently will now only accumulate to an inch or less), I couldn’t help but think back to the Christmas blizzard two years ago. The city was already quiet for the holiday and the snow just made it all the more serene. Steve and I met in the park with cups of hot cocoa and enjoyed every moment it! And of course, I happily trudged about with my camera to capture the quiet! While that won’t be happening this weekend, I think we still have a lot of winter left, maybe I should start praying again…





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