I Love this Town: Animals on the Loose edition…

Another weekend and I found myself sitting on a park bench people-watching. At least this time I was in a different park, Washington Square to be exact, scouting out the location for an engagement shoot I’m doing in a couple of weeks. I sat facing the arch and fountain, watching couples and kids alike stop to take photos of themselves in front of the landmark. And of course I watched a parade of cute puppies go past me. Regrettably, the one shot I didn’t get was of a Great Dane/Dalmation mix. What a beautiful horse of a dog…

But I got a few images of others that I’ll post here. I have to admit, the barrage of puppies, and even kitties roaming freely in various shops (Tent & Trails has a purty black resident named Patti Gucci), is one of my favorite things about living in the city. More times than not I find myself smiling, sometimes laughing outright, at the antics of the furrier inhabitants of this great city. I’m not the only one, more often than not my Instagram feed is full of  stray animals that @civilking has shot around his native Istanbul, usually marked with comments such as “You talkin’ to me?” or my favorite “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

And I can promise, this will not be my last “I love this town” post featuring animals :)




Seriously, this little guy is wearing a leather vest….So cute I can’t take it!




Just to prove I WAS working! I’m so excited about this little gem of a street a friend pointed out to me! Will make for some great photos :)




Sadly, this isn’t so great a shot…but how cute is he?! He went from window to window of the doggy daycare, as if begging us to come closer and play :)




And lastly, a resident cat in the shop window of a flower shop. As @civilking would say: You talking to me? :)




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