Happy Friday Everyone!

This is has been an amazing business week for me! Not only did I spend some time last weekend to dream up new projects to shoot and blog about, (and have actually started them!!!), I watched intently to Jasmine Star, wedding photographer/branding guru, as she detailed ways for photographers to reSTARt their businesses on CreativeLive (another fantastic treasure trove of inspiration!). I’m currently working on her homework assignments that deal with client communication, branding and creating a “shooting map” to ensure I take images that match my brand.

In addition, I stumbled upon a great group of ladies in the NYC area and we’ve formed our own little reSTARt group to keep each other accountable while forging new friendships and photography networks! Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to continuing the momentum I’ve started in 2013 :)

Here’s to Inspiration…and maybe a little luck…and beer…definitely beer…especially if it’s in a mason jar :)


From Hungry Native’s review of Duckfat Restaurant in Portland, ME…some of the best Poutine I’ve ever had!




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