I Love this Town: the Park Bench, People-Watching Edition…

New year = new projects + lots of new blog posts to come!

Today, I’m launching the first of my brilliant brainstorms from this past weekend. Inspiration can be hard to come by so when one hits me on the head, like this one, I shove it in my cheeks like a squirrel with a prized nut, running to stash it away…coincidently, there happens to be a squirrel in this post…

The idea for the project, which I’ve dubbed “I love this town,” started after talking to a good friend who moved to New York a year ago from San Francisco. With a crowded, rush-hour commute from Woodside, Queens to Lower Manhattan every day, he was struggling to find reasons to like living here amongst the grumpy, mean, impolite New York crowd. It got me to thinking of reasons why I like living here. Which got me to thinking about photographing these reasons…and voila! A new project is born!

Today’s edition started off as “weekend strolls,” but I ended up sitting on a bench in northern Central Park people-watching more than strolling. It’s easy to do when you have the constant parade of cute puppies going past! Funny, there aren’t actually any puppies in this post…

So I love this town…because where else can you hand-feed squirrels?! Yes Mom, I know, he could have rabies and probably not the smartest (or even legal) thing to do, but look how cute this photo is…


Another park-bench, people-watching couple…


This was taken when my topic still consisted of strolling, I decided to keep it in the bunch…


Not the park bench I was sitting on, but I love love love this section of the Conservatory Garden…


I had to end with another of the squirrel. I know some people (Carrie Bradshaw ala Sex and the City) think they are just rats with cuter outfits, but how cute does this guy look, begging for more…I know I know, until we don’t give it to him and he attacks our faces….


Stay tuned for more weekly reasons…I’d love to hear your thoughts on why you love your town!

PS. My friend has decided after a trip back west, that New York City isn’t so bad after all, in fact, he even missed us :)


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