The making of a Christmas card…

It started many years ago when I decided I was too cheap to buy store-bought, mass-produced Christmas cards. I wanted to send loved-ones something during the holiday season, but I wanted (needed) it to be inexpensive. So I started making my own cards. I figured I could photograph something, print it out using my own supplies and bam…messages of love and cheer on a much more personal level. And a much less hit on my wallet! The first few years, the process worked well. But with every subsequent year, my ideas for cards have gotten a little more complicated and costly. It’s still pretty cheap to print the photo (I use online printing through Kodak these days), arrange it on card stock and mail them out. But creating the photo has definitely exceeded the price of the store-bought cards. But hey, at least they are still unique!

As I prepare to shoot this year’s card this weekend (so far my props have cost at least $25), and have a portrait session with a family to create their holiday cards, I’ve been browsing the web to see how other photographers have gotten creative with their cards. I thought I’d share my favorites here…

A dear friend posted this on my Facebook page. She knows me well. This image from Terry Border’s Bent Objects series tickles my crafty AND hiking fancies!


Jen McKen Photography did a fabulous series with the Elf on the Shelf. This is beyond awesome.  I’m just a little jealous at her creativity…


This family may not be using this image, shot by Jamilia Jean Photography, as their holiday card, but I think they should. So cute…


In keeping with the theme of irony, these Arkansas photographers (Vinson Images) pull off the anti-merry very well…


I’m without words over Kitta Bodmer’s card…good thing she spelled it out for us :)

Photos by Kitta

Photos by Kitta


And in case you were wondering what I’ve done in the past…here’s my card from last year. You may just see some of these objects reappear in this year’s creation :)

christmas card-07


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