Little Gymnasts…

What kind of party do you plan for a kid turning two, who loves to run around and climb on things? Why, a party at The Little Gym! And that it just what Jenny and Armando did for their son, Enzo this past Saturday. Short and sweet, all of the kids went wild, taking turns swinging on the uneven bars, walking along the balance beam and hopping down the “bounce train.” It’s the perfect atmosphere for the kids AND parents, especially when you end it with some yummy croquetas and cake! Did I mention the Team Umizoomi theme? As always, Jenny did a fantastic job making Milli head pieces for the girls and Geo shape belts for the boys. All in all, a good day for little Enzo! Happy Birthday kid!

Enzo Cruz

Starting the day with presents!

Enzo Cruz2

It’s Geo from Team Umizoomi!

Enzo Cruz3

I think he likes it :)

Enzo Cruz4

The birthday boy arrives at The Little Gym in Montclair, NJ!

Enzo Cruz5

I’d say all the kids had a great time!

Enzo Cruz6

Enzo Cruz7

Enzo Cruz8

Enzo Cruz9

Enzo Cruz10

Enzo Cruz11

Enzo Cruz12

Enzo Cruz13

Enzo Cruz14

Enzo Cruz15

Enzo Cruz16

Enzo Cruz17

Enzo Cruz18



Enzo Cruz19


Sisterly love…

Enzo Cruz20

Enzo Cruz21

Enzo Cruz22


I’d call it controlled chaos…

Enzo Cruz23

Enzo Cruz24

Enzo Cruz25

Enzo Cruz26

Enzo Cruz27

Enzo Cruz28

Enzo Cruz29

Enzo Cruz30

Enzo Cruz31


I love this next one…a cute father/son moment!

Enzo Cruz32

Enzo Cruz33

Enzo Cruz34

Enzo Cruz35

Enzo Cruz36

Enzo Cruz37


Jenny made the kids’ goodie bags, keeping with the Team Umizoomi theme!

Enzo Cruz38

Enzo Cruz39

Enzo Cruz40

Enzo Cruz41

Enzo Cruz42

Enzo Cruz43


Make a wish Enzo!

Enzo Cruz44

Enzo Cruz45

Enzo Cruz46

All in all, a great time! Thank you Jenny and Armando for letting me be a part of the day!

One thought on “Little Gymnasts…

  1. Wow what an amazing party! I love the idea and lookslike the kids had so much fun! great pictures! happy birthday Lorenzo!

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