defining cyrience…

I’ve been (slowly) tweaking my website over the past few weeks. Most of the work has been normal maintenance such as updating photos and portfolio categories. Then there was the “about me” section. It needed a giant overhaul. Like a good little procrastinator, I kept saving it for a day when I had time to really sit down and put some thought into it. (I’m also using the same mentality for looking at the business numbers…) Finally I had to admit that such a perfect day would never arrive and I just needed to break it into pieces and do a little every night.

So what is Cyrience? Well, on the simplest level, it’s a contraction I made up for the Cyr Experience. I know, I know so then what is the Cyr Experience?! It’s me. I am my own experience! Wow, does that sound self-indulgent…In all honesty though, when someone asks me to photograph an event, wedding, product, etc, they are hiring my services. But what they are really getting is an experience. They are hiring my vision, my expertise, my quirky cosmopolitan hippie self…

There is no denying there are a ton of quality photographers in the world. They are all technically proficient, masters of light. I am striving everyday to join their ranks. And when I do? Only my experience, the experience I provide to my clients, will be what sets me apart. How I look at a scene, interpret the relationship between a couple and then capture it for all eternity. It’s the Cyr Experience — active contact with myself and my photographic observations of events and emotions as a basis of knowledge and story-telling. Phew, I think that’s enough about me :)

Ps. if you’d like to view my updated website, please feel free to visit


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