Let us continue to give thanks…

By now the china has been carefully washed and stored until Christmas; leftovers have been put away and taken out and put away again; and for those brave enough, Christmas shopping has begun. Then there’s me. Still trying to hold on to the last throws of Thanksgiving and in doing so, procrastinating on posting these photos! I’d like to quickly state that I am thankful for the health and continued happiness of my wonderful Steve and my family; also for Bosley, who reminds me daily that the little things are the most important. Perhaps someday I shall post a “Things I’ve learned from my cat” feature…

Anyways, either my aunt or mom will read this and say “Wow, all that work setting up the table and she only posted two photos!” The experience definitely gives me an appreciation for all of those who spend the time styling and decorating for huge events, have multiple tables to account for, and then very little after to show for their hard work. To them, I am also thankful!

Without further ado, I present the Cyr Family Thanksgiving of 2012…


For those wondering, the candles and potpourri pieces (including pine cones) are from Home Goods. The green moss, glass candle holders, river pebbles helping to hold the candles in place and bronze chargers are from Michaels. The table cloth is from Target. And the spice-colored napkins are from Crate & Barrel. I designed the menu cards and the white pumpkins were hand-painted by moi! Read more on them here.



So far, all is well in the kitchen :)



Crescent rolls will always be a tradition and they are the one thing (besides wine) that I take care of!



While Dad carves…



Auntie makes the Chase Dressing!



My plate is full…



My belly is happy…



Nephew Casen proudly shows off his first lost tooth!



Playing “Go Barbie”…



Can’t believe he is already reading!



Time for dessert! Little Izzy is ready…



HUGE thanks to my sister-in-law for making the Pumpkin Cheesecake I spotted in Woman’s World magazine! It was so delicious! ❤



Another empty plate and full belly!



Let the bone-boiling begin!



Which immediately brought out Mom’s new candles. Predictable but we love her :)


I guess now it’s time to start planning for my Christmas card photo scene! Stay tuned!


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