Stylin’ Thanksgiving…Step One – The Prep

As I mentioned in an earlier post (here), Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love it for its simplicity (I can say this because I don’t have to cook anything!), it’s yummy food (again, because I’m not the one cooking!), and its traditions. I can tell you without any doubt that I will be the first to crack open the wine (and be the last one still drinking it!), that my aunt will have an extra helping of Turnip & Carrots in place of Apple Pie for dessert, and that my parents will argue about the same things they do every year: 1. My father is in the way despite the fact that he is carving the turkey; 2. My mother will utter the words, “Do you have to do that now?!” referring to Dad starting the bone boiling for soup the next day while there are still dinner dishes in the sink (she loves the soup, hates the smell of the bones).

This year, I decided to add to the chaos and practice some table styling/photography on the big day.  I can only imagine the grumbling that will ensue as I fashion the table fancy waaayyyy to early in the morning, taking up precious peeling, mashing, and mixing space. I promise the end result of a rustic, woodsy tablescape that will blend nicely with my mom’s heirloom English china will be well-worth the countless, “Jennifer….” utterings!

While I have been shopping stores for the perfect tablecloth, candles, and pinecones (I do love this aspect of the job!), I also decided to make use of my leftover autumn decor and paint the mini pumpkins white. There wasn’t much to it, but I figured I’d shoot my hardwork and describe my process!

I started with clean, dry pumpkins. Using white acrylic paint (I prefer the Liquitex Soft Body, Titanium White) and a medium size paintbrush, I applied a thin coat to three quarters of each pumpkin (mainly so I had a place to hold the pumpkin while I painted). Acrylics dry pretty quick, so I was able to finish each pumpkin in the space of an hour. I placed them carefully on wax paper as they dried.

I let the first coat dry overnight and applied a second coat the next morning in the same manner as the first. I now have elegant-looking white pumpkins to compliment the other natural elements I’ll be using on the table! Stay tuned for the finished look on Thursday!


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