pumpkin carving halloween happiness

This blog post almost didn’t happen for a number of reasons…

1. If it weren’t for the destruction of Sandy, I wouldn’t have even been home on Halloween…

2. If the internet hadn’t gone out yesterday, I wouldn’t have been bored enough to find a project…

3. If the internet hadn’t come back up, it would have been difficult to get this online (or required going to a local establishment for wifi, which may still happen as we’re out of food and beer!)

So here it is…I must say it’s been quite a few years since I have carved a pumpkin, and never on a mini version of orange skin and flesh. It was like going back in time to play with an 8-year-old version of myself, except this time I got to use the knife :)

Out of five, one was chosen…



Not nearly as creative as my brother’s zombie pumpkin, but hey, I have a much smaller space to work with!



Can you roast mini pumpkin seeds?



Not the prettiest pumpkin, but I’m proud…



And yes, you can roast the seeds…yum!



Happy Halloween!



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