fig-tastic food “foto” fun…

I was recently inspired by fellow photographer, Meg Baggott and her mostly food-oriented blog Spice. World. Her Watermelon post in July first sparked my radar…and my taste buds! Then she posted some gorgeous Sangria images. But her latest post covering Apple season was the last straw. The image of just a single green apple was juicy enough, and then I scrolled down. My mouth watered for her Apple and Brie bites! So, when I spotted some fresh Mission Figs at Whole Foods over the weekend, I thought it was time to try my hand at tantalizing food photography. It is definitely harder than I thought, especially since I am a novice cook. A MESSY novice cook, an interesting combo when you are trying to style the food to look edible…

But I do love a good fig. And their season here on the East Coast tends to be short-lived, so I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity while I could. I do have to thank Ms. Prost for her winning recipe suggestion — Fig Pizza with Ricotta and Arugula (I dared to add Prosciutto after Ms. DiParisi mentioned bacon in her ingredient suggestion!) Ms. Sample, sadly I could not find the lone brand of fig-infused vodka (Figenza) to go with your tasty drink suggestion. I had to settle for a complimentary white wine. At least it came from the Fig Tree Vineyard. Here are the results of my hard-work, how’d I do?!











Ok, now that I have gotten all my generic Fig shots capture, I had to photograph the wine so I could drink the wine while I attempted the appetizers!



The start of my Prosciutto-Wrapped Figs with Goat Cheese, find the recipe here from the Food Network!



Ready for the oven!



They practically melted in your mouth! I know they aren’t difficult to make, but I was proud of culinary skills :)



Now for the pizza! I just followed the instructions on the whole wheat dough I picked up at Whole Foods. I topped the dough with Ricotta, then baked it at 500° for eight minutes. Next I topped it with about 5 thin slices of Prosciutto and the figs (which I had soaked in some Balsamic Vinegar). Back in the oven for two minutes, then added the final topping, Arugula tossed with more Balsamic, some salt and pepper. Yum!





I kind of like the simple oven lighting here…









I’d love feedback on all aspects of this shoot, especially technical photography since I’m still learning how to light food setups!


5 thoughts on “fig-tastic food “foto” fun…

  1. First, the pictures are amazing.

    Second, QUIVIRA!! We’ve been to that winery — they have great reds, too.

    Third, now I know what to get you for your birthday. :)

  2. Thanks for the love everyone! Keith, I have quite a “home-grown” light set-up…I’ll have to take a photo for a behind-the-scenes next time! It’s basically two desk lamps (the kind you can clip anywhere from Home Depot) with your standard CFL bulbs. I shoot RAW because I always have to tweak the color cast to be slightly less warm. In this case, I used a light tent with one light shining from above and slightly in front of the box and the other shining in low from the right. Oh and thanks to Mr. Gus Menezes’ suggestion a long time ago, I use extension tubes with my 85mm lens to get in real close and really amp up the selective DOF :)

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