Acne Scars Beware: A before & after showcase…

Genuine is one word (of many) I’d use to describe my photographic style. I like to sit back, capture a scene as it unfolds naturally. Yet there are many occasions where I have to step in and direct the action a little. Mainly I do this during portrait sessions, making sure someone’s favored features are accentuated, that I’m using the light to its optimum potential. These small adjustments might take my images out of the photojournalism category, but it ensures I get the best possible shot in camera, thus limiting my post-processing, speeding up turn-around time and keeping clients happy. I draw a fine line when it comes to retouching in Photoshop and prefer to alter images as little as possible, save the odd piece of dust that has made it onto my lens. Skin is my exception. Why do I cave to this modern push for perfection? Because when it comes to my own self-portraits, I will not let my acne scars from a hormone-ridden youth (or early 20’s as my pimply nemisis attacked) live on for eternity. While I know most clients will probably have embraced their own facial quirks, as I have, they too, would prefer the generations after them to see only their beautiful smiles and shining eyes from their special day or event.

To demonstrate the minimal retouching I take care in doing, I am sacrificing my self-portrait immortality with these before and after images:  


I’d like to thank the wonderful tutorial posted by Sam Haddix Photography for giving some really great instruction on skin smoothing without losing texture. Please feel free to view it here:



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