Meeting Quinn…

Despite seeing images of this little guy on Facebook, I was not prepared for his utter cuteness in person! I suppose I could be a bit biased since he is the son of my oldest and dearest friend, so I took a bunch of photos and will let everyone here be the judge…

I was so excited Iride was into using props on some of the shots! He’s a little big for the pillow and crate since he’s 10 weeks, but I still think they’re adorable!

This next one has George Costanza written all over it!

Quinn was getting sleepy at this point, nap-time was the perfect opportunity to get all the detail shots, starting with his little swirl of hair!

It’s impossible to plan with babies, but I kind of like the spontaneity when working with them. Every time Quinn shifted positions, it opened up new angles to shoot! These next two are so sweet, I couldn’t choose between them!

My sneak peak is still my favorite!

Starting to wake up…

My second favorite from the shoot, he just looks so precious here, struggling to hold himself up!

Someone’s hungry…

Now that he’s full, he’s ready to read…

I can never really tell when a baby looks more like one parent or the other. But in this next shot, all I see is Ryan, love it!

It’s also fun to see any telltale signs of what they will grow up to be…apparently Quinn will be Superman!

The little pouty face tells me session is over :)

A trip to Maine wouldn’t be complete with out some scenery shots, and of course I couldn’t leave Bear out!

It’s true what every photographer says about the Golden Hour…it even works on puppies!

You talkin’ to me?

All in all, great (albiet short) weekend with some of my favorite people in the world! Looking forward to watching Quinn grow!


5 thoughts on “Meeting Quinn…

  1. Those baby shots are terrific! Your friend will have a lot of trouble picking the ones to enlarge. And what is ‘the golden hour’ anyway? (the witching hour was what I called that late afternoon/early evening time when all hell broke loose while I was making dinner)

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