Marysol & Eddie

Sunday’s gorgeous weather complimented the Moroccan theme for Marysol’s briday shower perfectly. Mix in a great group of ladies (and gents, as there were a few in attendance!), lots of laughter and celebration to prepare the happy bride for her big day and it’s no wonder I have been overwhelmed with all of the beautiful images captured! Here are just some of the highlights…

The variety of color from the hip belts and centerpieces tied in wonderfully with the Spanish-style decor of Mompou Tapas and Wine Bar in Newark, NJ.

Beautiful invitation…

Wait, this isn’t brunch…Surprise!

Such a sweet moment between aunt and niece…

Gorgeous bridesmaids (and fantastic planners!)

And of course family shots…


Everyone wanted to take this chair home!

Beautiful entertainment from Aisha and a photographer’s dream!


Marysol was moe than happy to give it a try…

She’s a natural…

So those hip belts had multiple uses! The ladies definitely enjoyed themselves!

Perfect way to work up an appetite!

And of course a party is never complete without yummy Sangria and dessert!

Game time! After “What’s in your purse” and “Scrabble,” everyone got together to create some TP dresses!

Chad was such a great sport and looked beautiful!

The “Forbidden Words” game was a new one for me, but it certainly got exciting…and we have a happy winner!

Lots of fabulous gifts to open…

My sneak peak photo is still my favorite! What a great couple Marysol and Eddie make, I wish them all the best!

Thank you so much to everyone for letting me be a part of such a special day! Cheers :)


One thought on “Marysol & Eddie

  1. Felicidades a Marysol y Eddie,y a las organisadoras de esa linda despedida las felicito, todo les quedo bello, se que lo hicieron con mucho amor, y si pudiera hablar de cada foto, no alcansaria el album, estan bellas todas, unos colores presiosos, gracias a todas por haber hecho este dia un gran recuerdo para Marysol y Eddie.Los quiero.Madrina.

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