my thumb might be green afterall…

Since moving to Manhattan five years ago, I had all but given up on houseplants. My first apartment, being a studio, barely fit me and the cat, let alone potted dirt (yes, they’re small, but so was this apartment!) My next apartment, a one-bedroom, had ample space but mostly northern light. My few attempts to grow even simple cat greens were pretty pathetic. My latest move has brought me to another one bedroom, not only with better eastern light, but also…outdoor space!  (Must not forget the fantastic boyfriend who also lives there!) It took me less than a week after moving in to collect the necessary pots, potting soil and seeds to turn our concrete balcony into a little garden. So far so good!

I figured I’d start simple. Some Cat Grass and Catnip for Bosley, a Money Plant (for the feng shui of course!) and Northern Sea Oats. I love the tall grass you find in meadows, plus the height should camouflage a lot of the concrete wall!


Catnip is planted :)


I got this old wine crate from the Hells Kitchen flea market! It’ll be a nice base when the grass starts coming in!


About a week and a half later, the Cat Grass is growing strong. Bosley has been enjoying some nibbles here and there. The Oat Grass and Money Plant are just sprouting, no signs of the Catnip yet, but I have faith! I also purchased a seedling of Golden Creepy Jenny (in the aluminum pot), which is coming along nicely.


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