It’s a boy! Congrats to Arlene and Maurice…


Witnessing family and friends coming together to support a couple as they prepare for the birth of their baby is high on the list of things that make me happy to photograph. Capturing the love and warm-spirit surrounding Arlene and Maurice at City Bistro in Hoboken this past weekend was no exception! To top it off, Arlene is amazing with decorations. She had every last detail covered—beautiful menus, egg-shaped soaps in little birds’ nests, charms for the ladies to take home, and these adorable wooden blocks that she glued paper to and “aged.” Everything just hung together well and created a festive environment inside City Bistro’s fantastic upstairs party space! I felt honored to be a part of the day and wish them all the best when Baby Marco comes in a month…





I love how Arlene kept to her Mama Bird theme, including these beautiful silver charms…


I can’t even begin to describe how incredible these wooden blocks are!




These cake pops looked amazing!


The happy expecting couple…





I love how Arlene’s brother even got in on the games!





The food at City Bistro looked utterly fantastic. Almost every plate was empty at the end, so I’d say it tasted good too!





Next game up, “What do you think their baby will look like?” Despite all the baby showers I have attended, this was a new game for me. Looked like a lot of fun as everyone cut and pasted from magazines!





Arlene and crew look over the baby gallery…


It’s a diaper motorcycle! So creative, I love it!





I love this last shot, that’s one happy mama!

Thanks again to Arlene and Maurice for letting me be apart of their day!

City Bistro, Hoboken, NJ





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