Painted Porcelain

sake cups/tea light holders, before.

For our somewhat regular Wednesday craft night, Penelope* and I decided to take a break from our embroidery and jewelry-making endeavors. After spying a number of artsy-edgy-I-know-I-can-do-that personalized ceramic pieces on etsy, we thought we’d give painting a try.

painting supplies

Sometimes shopping for supplies can be just as much fun as the craft night themselves. Especially when you find yourself in Manhattan’s Chinatown on a sunny Sunday afternoon. First stop, Pearl Paint. With four floors, the place is brimming with creative energy; it’s very easy to be sidetracked by fresh sketch pads and origami papers. But we found the paints we needed, Mylar for stencil-making (we didn’t end up going that route), and squeeze-bottles with which to paint. Sidenote, I actually opted to not get these at first, thinking my art school paint brushes would do just fine, much to my mistake. I have since made the (cheap) investment.  

Next stop, New Kam Man ( Penelope knew of this little gem, more authentic in groceries than Pearl River Mart and without the Soho crowds. Housewares and china abound in the downstairs area, which was also a bit overwhelming. We settled on some simple bone china to have clean palettes to paint with, although she did also pick out an awesome lion-adorned sugar bowl!

Third stop-and to round out the Chinatown afternoon-coffee, pork buns and sticky rice. (To be fair, there  was also a fourth, non-Chinatown stop at my favorite Irish Pub in midtown to visit with Paul and drink some Guinness!)

Craft Night Wednesday Arrives!

Fittingly, we ordered Chinese food and settled in for the evening of painting. Penelope adapted well to painting on porcelain. Thankfully, the paint wipes off with water while it’s still wet. Makes for easy clean-up and several do-overs for perfection-prone people! Painting with the bottles was definitely key, especially if you get toppers in various diameters for added line control.


sake cups/tea light holders, after.

* Name changed for the hell of it :)


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