domke wins by a strap…

Domke RuggedWear F2 camera bag

It’s a good sign when you’ve been profitable enough to be able to purchase some new gear. The item(s) you’ve been coveting finally come home with you. For me, it was a new lens (Canon 85mm f2.8) to improve my live music shots and some Kenko extension tubes for macro work. But you always want need more. With my new purchases, it became pretty clear my old Tamrac Velocity 7x camera bag needed an upgrade.

I went back and forth on styles—backpack verses shoulder—ultimately deciding the quick convenience of shoulder bag accessibility was the way to go. Domke…Tenba…Lowerpro…another Tamrac…I do love B&H’s selection but sometimes there’s just to much to choose from! While pro friends heavily recommended Tenba for their military-tough construction and minimal appearance, this girl needed a little more style — the weathered look of the Domke RuggedWear F2 won me over.

My first opportunity to really test the bag came in New Orleans for Imaging USA. While heavy on just one shoulder, using the adjustable strap to sling it across my body helped lighten the load. (It also comes with smaller hand straps if you want to carry it that way.) The wide strap is slip-proof (even on a leather jacket) with the two rows of rubber grippers on the underside to keep it in place. Two clips and two strips of Velcro keep the cover flap in place. Most of the time I kept the clips undone and relied on the Velcro so that I could get into the main compartment easily. Not once was I afraid the bag would tip and everything would crash to the sidewalk, although you could keep one clip attached and still be able to access portions of the interior.

There are two pouches on each end, perfect for filters, cables, and wireless transceivers. The main compartment easily fits my Canon 5D body, five lenses, extension tubes, flash, with enough room to add a second camera body and flash if you are willing to double up the smaller lenses in one compartment. There are also two smaller pockets in the front for extra batteries, chargers, memory cards etc. And for me, the pocket that runs along the back side of the bag is a godsend. I can bring a notebook, journal, magazine AND fit my wallet and keys. Poof—I no longer have to balance camera bag and purse when I go for photo walks.


There’s no way this will be my last camera bag purchase, but for now, this Domke will do.


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