low budget shooting…

Low-Budget Setup

All of these items were purchased at Michael's craft store: White w/black foam board, 16x20 white poster board, set of poster rails to keep ends of poster board stiff, 2 wooden dowels (that can be cut to size), 4 mini-clamps to keep the poster board in place on the dowels. *If you cut the dowels and stick on rubber ends, you wouldn't need the clamps. All in all, about $15!

low-budget modifiers

In a pinch, a clip-on lamp from Home Depot and tissue paper sandwiched in an embroidery hoop makes a good light source/modifier for small objects.

Starting out in photography can be a very expensive endeavor. Investing in a quality camera and lenses is essential. But then what? You want to shoot portraits, still lifies, landscapes. Having a subject in mind is fantastic. But that requires more equipment. Lighting, modifiers, stands, and these purchases all add up quickly. Sure you can rent, this can even be helpful to play around with different models and styles so you know exactly what to spend cash on. But there is also a cheaper way. Low Budget Shooting, Do It Yourself Solutions to Professional Gearcan show you how.

Thin white plexiglass, aluminum poles, four rubber stoppers and two poster rails and you have yourself a seamless staging area for smaller still life shots. A single piece of white and black foam board wedged between two shelf clamps and you have a reversible reflector/detractor. Even if it’s not in the book, it helps you to look at everyday objects in a different way, creating more ideas. Instead of fashioning a soft box, I found layered sheets of translucent paper clamped between a large embroidery hoop created a nice hand-held light diffuser.

All of the suggestions in the book cost a fraction of models you’d find in a supply store. Whether they serve as temporary alternatives until you have the money for more permanent solutions, or allow you to spend money on things you can’t skimp on such as cameras, lens, and lights, you won’t be disappointed with the results.


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